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Greenbelt Service Center
161 Centerway
Greenbelt, MD 20770
39.0016687 -76.8749771
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59 reviews
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  Lee 03/22/2018
fast, courteous, and efficient.
  Lee 09/21/2017
Courteous and efficient. The tuneup was great. Chelsey L. Brock 2001 Ford Focus
  Edith 06/05/2017
nice, friendly, helpful staff! Efficient staff and moderately priced! Great service!
  Catie 04/27/2017
Always timely and pleasant service.
  Lee 03/30/2017
Enjoyed the courteous and efficient service. Chelsey L. Brock
  Martie 03/10/2017
Great service, honest appraisals, and very timely.
  Stephanie 01/26/2017
Excellent service! Friendly staff! Honest, affordable prices!
  Bob 12/15/2016
You are simply the best! If I say anything else, it will only lessen how great your service is!
  Tina 12/15/2016
Great garage! Mechanics are skilled, friendly and honest. My old buggy still hums thanks to the team at Greenbelt Sunoco. ;D
  Lee 12/01/2016
Greenbelt Service Center is efficient and reasonable. Chelsey Brock
  Robin 12/01/2016
I am regularly pleased by the service and expertise of those who repair cars at the Greenbelt Service Center.
  Greg 11/11/2016
Great services all the time. Friendly and honest.
  Philippe 10/06/2016
Very nice and friendly and efficient as usual, absolutely no complaint. I have no reason to go anywhere else. They've always identified the problems and issues on my vehicles and fixed them timely. I like how they checked the breaks, belts and hoses and all fluids when I take the car in.
  Hank 10/06/2016
Great work by your mechanics, who installed new brakes and did some maintenance (draining, checking the ATF) in a used Ford Ranger for me...
  Lee 09/15/2016
Courteous and skilled and economical. Chelsey L. Brock
  Martha 09/11/2016
I was quite happy with the work done on my van.
  Lori 07/21/2016
Greenbelt Service Center is wonderful. They're always honest about the work that our vehicles need. They have actually told us some work that PepBoys suggested wasn't worth our time or money. They could have profited off us on unnecessary work but chose not to. We're now loyal customers.
  Elizabeth 07/02/2016
I was very pleased with the work that Jens and perhaps others did to fix a problem with my automatic steering rack recently. A repair with new parts would have been prohibitively expensive for my 20 yr old car, so he (they) found used parts to keep the cost reasonable, which really helped. The next day I realized that the hood release cable had snapped, but I was due to go to a very important appointment, then drive for 12 hrs to meet all my kids and grandkids for a special vacation together. I was panicked, as there was no time to get the cable part ordered or a repair done before I needed the car again. Jens, although it was almost closing time and he had a full roster of cars to finish, came up with a brilliant solution and made a temporary cable release that could be used to open the hood in an emergency. Now that I am home again, he will order the correct part and install it, but his quick mind, clever design, and caring neighborliness saved the day for me 2 weeks ago, enabling me to keep my appointment and join in the family fun. I was thrilled!!!
  Kyle 06/26/2016
Once again, Greenbelt SC has made me a happy customer. Honesty goes a long, long way. As well as great service and communication. Thank you, and even though nobody WANTS to have car repairs done, you are still our family's first choice when we need to.
  Melanie 06/23/2016
Greenbelt Service Center is the best. I've been taking my car there for nearly 30 years and have never had a complaint. When it's something simple like a nail in the tire or a broken wiper blade, they can usually fix it on the spot and sometimes charge me nothing! Professionals with big hearts. They do good work, don't do unnecessary work, and will usually give me a heads-up about upcoming needs, e.g. "Your brakes will probably need to be replaced next servicing."
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